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Groceries Safely Delivered to Your Hospital Ward
Groceries Delivered to Your Hospital Ward

How This Works - Delivery to Ward

This online grocery store delivers products to select wards within Milton Keynes University Hospital.

Order by 11am and your order will be delivered to your Ward the same day 1pm-3pm.

How it works

1. Fill your online shopping trolley with products

2. Select delivery to your Ward

3. You need to spend at least £3. Pay with your debit or credit card

4. We’ll deliver your products to you for 50p

About MK Friends Shop

For 40 years, Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital & Community charity have supported patients and the community by raising money and funding equipment.

Before COVID-19, a trolley service was taken round the wards daily by our volunteers, selling Newspapers and Confectionery products.

If you have ever been in hospital you will know how valuable the service is.

All profits go to the MK Friends Charity to improve patient experience. We hope you'll support the service and find it useful.

Ward Delivery service

We are only able to deliver to the following Wards. The service may be withdrawn at any time.

Ward 1, Ward 2a, Ward 2b, Ward 3, Ward 4, Ward 5, Ward 6, Ward 7, Ward 8, Ward 12, Ward 14, Ward 15, Ward 16, Ward 17, Ward 18, Ward 19, Ward 20, Ward 21A, Ward 21B, Ward 22, Ward 23, Ward 24, Ward 25.

Last updated 9 December 2022

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